1. Crooked Jack

From the recording Little Hinges (2015)


Come Irishmen both young and stern/With adventure in your soul/There are better ways to spend your days/Than working down a hole

Chorus: He was tall and true all of six foot two/But they broke him across the back/By a name he’s known but it’s not his own/They call him Crooked Jack

I curse the day he went away/To work on that hydro dam/For sweat and tears and hopes and fears/Bound up in shuttering jams


And the ganger’s blue-eyed boy was he/Big Jack could do no wrong/But the reason simply was because/He could work hard hours and long


They say that honest toil is good/For the spirit and the soul/But believe me, child, it’s for sweat and blood/That they want you down a hole