in response to 'little hinges' (2015) ☺

Play in Victoria calls Little Hinges "a refreshingly West-Coast-edgy recording" , while Bucketlist Music Reviews says Q & Quinn "blow the door off with Little Hinges" . Colin Irwin of Mojo Magazine praises Q & Quinn Bachand's "thrilling virtuosity"

TradConnect chose 'Little Hinges' as its album of the month, while FolkWords (UK) dubs 'Little Hinges' "an altogether enthralling soundscape'. 

Check out 'Little Hinges' , as well as the duo's two other full-length recordings under the music page ...

Q is "a gutsy fiery fiddle player" and Quinn is "nothing short of amazing” - The Living Tradition (UK)
Quinn's characterful clawhammer banjo and guitar and Q's fluid, flexible fiddle and mature and measured vocals ... The Bachand duo have hit on something fresh and vital here” - Michael Quinn


Currently we are living in Montreal , QC & Victoria , BC , respectively , & pursuing individual interests ! ☺